Introducing John Houghton – Artist

2020 Artist’s Statement

I am a freelance artist, speaker and writer operating professionally since the mid-1970s, and utilising a variety of media to convey transformative narrative. These narratives seek to relate experiential Christian faith to contemporary social needs and issues in ways that inspire, challenge and promote positive action.

July 2020 Updated Artist’s Statement

John is a storyteller whose creative practice integrates visual and textual languages. Partially constructed narratives draw on the histories, memories and experiences of everyday life. Society, spirituality, beauty and humility are all interrogated as human suffering, and the possibilities for countering it through healing and community are considered. Through creative practice, John explores the spiritual to gain new perspectives and understandings. Whether image or word comes first, the dialogue between them is symbiotic. Reviewed as writing for those with ‘the courage and curiosity to explore the road less travelled’, John’s fabricated worlds exist both imaginatively and physically. Although characters and places are fantastical, the paintings, drawings and objects emerge concurrently with realism. The clichéd or predictable story is subverted, and the theological or philosophical theory challenged as the viewer or reader is encouraged to question not only what they think but how. Going forward, John sees the fictional viewpoints he offers, being evermore grounded in current discourses and debates.

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